This Video Proves Albert Einstein’s Time Theory – “Time is an Illusion”

As you read this verdict, you undoubtedly deliberate that this moment—right now—is what is up-to-the-minute. The current instant feels superior. It is actual. Though much you may recall the past or expect the future, you aware in the present. Of course, the flash in the duration of which you read that sentence is no longer happening. This one is. In added words, it feels as however time streams, in the sense that the current is continually apprising itself. We have a bottomless intuition that the upcoming is exposed up to it becomes existing and that the previous time is motionless. As time streams, this structure of fixed past, instantaneous existent and open future gets approved advancing in time.
This structure is constructed into our linguistic, believed and activities. How we live our lives suspends on it. Albert Einstein was very clear with this fact and in this respect he gave the statement “time is an illusion”.

There are many interpretations of his statement and from time to time this puzzle is getting its new way towards the reality. On focusing the statement each of us will find something new related to our own set of beliefs etc.